cad- Provides basic architectural/master planning advice and assistance to senior planners during the planning phase of Master and Site Acquisition studies, etc.

- Provides technical assistance, including project-related support, technical analyses and problem solving suggestions, to senior planners and others on potential issues caused by the world-wide variety of conditions found in OBO project activities, and their impact on decisions concerning renovation or construction of new facilities, retention or sale of properties, or other significant “go/no go” decisions, by:

  • Providing planning/architectural assistance to the senior planner and contractors regarding functional, operational, and special use space requirements, security considerations, communication needs, etc and making recommendations to senior planners after analysis;
  • Gathering and analyzing a comprehensive listing of all on-going projects or planned projects at a facility and assesses space utilization required to conform to current Department standards;
  • Evaluating adjacencies to determine the efficiency of current tenant locations; and
  • Using data from conditions surveys to develop conceptual solutions for space and building deficiencies;

revit – Provides assistance to senior planners in the following programs: Computer Aided Design/Drafting (CADD), Sketch-up, Adobe Creative Suite, Google Earth, and project management software, spreadsheet, PowerPoint and other facility related computer support.